Concurrent Expos

India is aiming to build 30km of road every day adding to its extensive highway and urban road network. The increase in vehicular traffic is making the government look at providing safe, convenient and hassle-free travel facilities and services. The central government has envisaged setting up user-friendly convenience clusters for travellers on national highways which include parking facilities (separately for cars, buses and trucks), restaurants/food courts, telephone booth/wi-fi, ATMs, fuel stations, repair shops, rest rooms for short stays, toilets for ladies and men, kiosks for sales of sundry items, medical aid and chemist shops and helipad facilities. Also being considered on PPP model are recreation and amusement parks of international standards.

Highway safety measures include communication systems, ambulance and emergency medicals aid centres. On the urban roads plans are for creating state-of-the-art bus stations, cycle bays, and development of footpaths lanes, signage, accessibility systems, waste disposal facilities, and rest areas. All the state governments are focusing on proper lighting to increase night time visibility.


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