STL transforms Kakinada into a Smart City

This article was published on : September 3, 2019

Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL), a global data network solutions company, recently announced the successful completion of its Smart City project in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. STL’s Smart City technologies for mobility, situational awareness, traffic control, smart lighting, public safety and security are today enabling data-driven decision-making for the local administration. This has improved the everyday living experiences of over 3.25 lakh citizens of Kakinada. More than 13,000 users use the city’s Wi-Fi connectivity daily, while STL-enabled smart surveillance has helped reduce police complaints by over 50%.

The city is powered by STL’s Command and Communication Centre (CCC). With over 1,600 elements of Smart City technologies integrated into it, this is one of India’s most advanced CCCs, and features many technology firsts such as horizontal Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Long Range (LoRa) based city-wide Wireless Sensor Network and Disaster Management System.

STL’s CCC has brought smart city applications for CCTV surveillance, Wi-Fi, automatic number-plate recognition and face detection to one single screen. This enables better governance, faster crime detection and resolution rates. With the completion of the Kakinada Smart City, STL has now delivered three Smart Cities – Gandhinagar, Jaipur and Kakinada. STL has been transforming data networks through core innovations across end-point applications for citizen networks, like Smart Cities, and with end-to-end design and deployment of networks for large enterprises such as the defence. If has also been innovating hyperscale solutions for Telcos and Cloud Companies to enable access to internet-based applications across 100 countries.

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