Rivigo partners with JK Tyre to introduce TPMS

This article was published on : August 12, 2019

Rivigo has joined hands with JK Tyre & Industries to introduce TREEL Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in the commercial vehicles in India. Under this partnership, JK Tyre manufactured tyres will come wth patented TPMS technology that will transmit seamless live data at regular intervals to monitor the condition of tyres every few seconds, claims Rivigo.

The TPMS technology will capture data relating to tyre pressure and temperature through advance algorithms and enable alerts in case of pilferage of tyres as and when they are demounted from vehicles. These data will show the co-relation between tyre pressure and temperature and will help in predicting tyre life.

The pattern of the data will provide insights of the wear pattern on tyres, helping to predict cases of puncture or burst probability in real-time. This technology can also define threshold operating conditions, generating real-time alerts for maintaining the right tyre pressure.

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