Japan to Install Smart Signals in Bengaluru

This article was published on : August 12, 2019

Bengaluru is set to get a sigh of relief due to the installation of smart signals with the support of Japan. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is planning to invest about Rs 72 crore in Bengaluru to reduce the waiting time at signals by 30 per cent! Currently,

JICA, for the first time, are bringing their Management by Origin-Destination Related Adaption for Traffic Organisation (MODERATO) system outside Japan and straight into India. Currently, the traffic signals installed along the roads have a fixed signal timer irrespective of the number of vehicles along the roads. With the Japanese technology, signals will automatically change according to the number of vehicles along the road in a junction.

For example, if there is less number of vehicles on one side and more on the other side of the road, the signal will automatically give more signal time for the road that has more vehicles and less signal timing for the road that has less number of vehicles.”

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) has already identified 29 junctions on MG road and Hosur road in Bengaluru to kick-start the project. They plan to coordinate signals and factor in pedestrian crossings too. The system will provide signal-less green corridors to motorists at three stretches. DULT will be the intermediary agency helping the Japanese company that gets the tender in September 2019.

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